Olga-KuvaldinaIt was really sad to hear that Sverker Åström had passed away. I feel endless gratitude and respect to such a great person and his foundation. There are two moments that I remember especially. In 2006, when I just met Sverker, he told us about his time in Russia in the beginning of the war and his Russian language teacher. I also vividly remember how Sverker was touched to hear about my little son when we visited him two years ago. He was probably thinking about the circle of life then. I am also very glad that I continue being involved in some projects which help Swedish and Russian sides to be interested in each other and understand each other a bit better – as Sverker wished.
Olga Kuvaldina 
scholarship 2006

Alexey_Strelnikov I am so sorry to hear that Sverker passed away. I am very grateful to him and I will keep in my memory those pleasant and interesting meetings in his apartment in Stockholm. I regret that I did not visit him when I was in Sweden for the last time. 
Alexey Strelnikov
scholarship 2007


Michail_AbramovI think he was a unique person and I always remember the warmth of our fellowship .

Michail Adamov
scholarship 2006



Inna_SochnevaThis news is terribly sad but I think his life was interesting and fruitful. We are all very much obliged to him not only as a donator of the Foundation but also to the person who was interested in Russia, our culture and history.

Inna Sochneva
scholarship 2012


 Zhenya_SidorovaI feel so sorry…  This year two of my grandfathers are gone and they both died sleeping. It is the best way to leave this life I think. Unfortunately  I can´t come for the funeral  to Sweden though I would like to. What can do is to remember Sverker as someone who changed my life fpor the best, who shares his opportunities with others. I will never forget Sverker. Send my sorrows to the other members in the foundation!
Zhenya Sidorova
scholarship 201



Anna_Bulycheva So sad news…What a great person he was! And I how proud I am that I met him in my life. He gave us all a chance to get so priceless experience. And I am very glad that so many people are deeply grateful to him and cherish the memoray of him. I will always remember him…
Anna Bulycheva
scholarship 2011


Jevgenij-TroitskijsPlease accept my condolences. I will keep the memory of him and I have no doubt that his effort has had lasting impact on the ties between Sweden and Russia.
Evgeny Troitsky
scholarship 2011


  Olga_MironovaI am going to church on Wednesday and put a candle in memory of Sverker.  I always will remember him.
Olga Mironova
scholarship 2007


  What sorrowful news you told me. Sverker was an outstanding person, one who changes the life of people near him. Glad to know he died peacefylly. Let his soul rest in peace! He will always be in our minds. 
Oksana Grigorieva
scholarship 2009

It is my honour to belong to stipendiats of Foundation being supported by Sverker Astrom scholarship. I, and my son Alexander are mournig for Swedish great diplomat – RIP.
His death is a very heavy loss for world diplomacy and politics and it is a reason for ours contacts prolongation which is very diplomatic.
Olga Khokhlysheva
scholarship 2008